The Reform Temple of Forest Hills

Holidays & Festivals

Holidays and festivals remind us of the many reasons why we’re Jewish. At RTFH, we create opportunities for everyone to get involved and engaged in our annual traditions!

Rosh Hashanah marks the beginning of the Jewish New Year. It’s a time for self-reflection, the sounding of the shofar, and togetherness. RTFH implements a series of special programming which includes children’s services and learning opportunities for adults. We especially enjoy our yearly intergenerational walk to the park for Tashlich.

Share festive meals and express gratitude for the home and harvest by observing Sukkot. RTFH offers opportunities for children and adults to dine and celebrate under the sky. Come shake, shake, shake the lulav and etrog in our courtyard sukkah. Morning services are held on the first day of the holiday.

Unwind and celebrate with Torah!  We begin and finish the yearly reading of the Torah with dancing, music, and joy on Simchat Torah. Join in the unrolling of the entire Torah scroll with our community. You bring yourselves and we bring the yad! Rejoice with our newest Religious School students at Consecration. Morning services continue Torah celebrations and include Yizkor.

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with your RTFH family! During this joyful time, we invite the children and families to come light their own Chanukah menorahs in the sanctuary. RTFH holds several family friendly activities and programs, including the very popular Chanukahpalooza event for kids and our annual, catered Chanukah Dinner which is fun for every age. Each night, we invite special guests to flip the lights on our outdoor Chanukah menorah, and we have a special Chanukah concert organized by the Cantor.

Tu B’shevat allows us to express gratitude for trees and their fruits, for nature and its fragility, and our connection to the land of Israel.  We celebrate with a special intergenerational seder, constructed to symbolize the natural world that is our duty to preserve.

Share the story of Esther and Mordechai at our Purim celebrations. Come in costume for our evening Megillah reading. We’ve had Jewish food debates, Baseball Purim, and wacky Purim parodies over the years. Our Religious School holds a Purim Spiel (play) every year on Sunday mornings, along with a Purim Carnival for all kids. *RTFH encourages any and all flavors of hamantaschen.

Passover—”How is this night different than all the others?” We ask this question and more during our Second Night Community Seder, open to all members and guests. RTFH hosts this annual event, lead by Rabbi Mark Kaiserman and Cantor Emily Pincus, with fun and interesting takes on an age old tradition. Next Year in Jerusalem! Passover morning services are held on the first and seventh days of Passover including Yizkor on the 7th day.

Jewish tradition holds that we all stood at Mt. Sinai for the giving of the Ten Commandments. On Shavuot, we relive that moment with the Confirmation service with our 10th graders, study, and morning services including Yizkor.