The Reform Temple of Forest Hills


Committees and Groups help RTFH realize the vision of our core values—community, lifelong learning, spirituality, and social action. We invite you to join these dedicated groups. Your involvement makes our community stronger.

For more information on joining a group or committee, contact our Office Administrator Sheryl Hausman at .

*Standing Committees designated by the Board of Trustees

Committees & Groups

Fostering lifelong learning, the Adult Education Committee plans programs which cater to the intellectual, spiritual, and cultural enrichment of adults in our community.

The Across-the-Street book club includes members from two houses of worship in our community, RTFH, and our neighbor across the street, the First Presbyterian Church of Forest Hills. Book discussions explore diverse perspectives and foster connections through the shared joy of reading.

The joy of reading brings together two faith communities—RTFH and our neighbor across the street, the First Presbyterian Church of Forest Hills—to share different perspectives and foster connections.

Embodying the spirit of compassion, the Caring Committee leads with heart when providing support, comfort, and a helping hand to our Temple family in times of sorrow or need.

The Disability Inclusion and Empowerment Committee works to create awareness and acceptance to empower those with disabilities in our Temple family and beyond.

The Fundraising Committee orchestrates innovative and meaningful initiatives, including the Kol Nidre Appeal, and special events to inspire members to contribute to the Temple’s financial health and vitality.

The Israel Support and Awareness Committee (ISAAC) passionately, in collaboration with our clergy, creates programs and events to connect our community to Israeli culture, history, and contemporary issues as well as to Israelis themselves.

The LGBTQ+ Shalom Keshet Committee stands in solidarity with everyone in the queer community and works to promote equality, justice, and love for all.

Led by Rabbi, the Men’s Study group enjoys camaraderie and lively discussions about Judaism, culture, and contemporary issues.

The RTFH Parents Association (PA) serves as a support network for Religious School programming and events. Integral to community building, the PA sponsors, organizes and runs many of the Temple’s family-oriented activities, including Shabbat Reshon and holiday celebrations.

Through education and action, the Racial Equity Team promotes and advocates for racial equity, both within and outside of Temple.

Guided by the Jewish value of welcoming the stranger, RTFH’s Task Force on Immigrants and Refugees advocates on behalf of those fleeing their countries and provides direct support to new arrivals locally.

The Religious Practices Committee collaborates with our clergy to ensure our rituals and other religious practices are a dynamic and inclusive expression of Jewish traditions.

The Religious School Committee, in collaboration with our Educational Leader, Faye Gilman, is committed to shaping a dynamic and engaging educational environment which fosters a love for learning, a deep understanding of Jewish values, and a strong sense of community.

Dedicated to repairing our world, our Social Action Team spearheads many projects and initiatives, embodying the principles of compassion, justice, and community service both locally and globally. The Team also serves as the umbrella for advocacy for racial equity, disability inclusion, LGBTQ+ equality, and refugee and immigration rights.

The Temple Tots Team provides members and non-members a warm and engaging environment for little ones (ages 5 and under) and their parents to explore and celebrate being Jewish through song, prayers, story time, snacks, and other fun!

ToFHY offers an inclusive space for our teens (Grades 8-12) to grow, learn, and connect with their peers. Together with youth advisors, the student board creates and leads engaging educational, recreational, social justice, and religious programming.

A friendly and inclusive community of women. Women’s Connection (WoCo) provides opportunities for meaningful discussions, community engagement, and exciting activities that inspire and connect. WoCo also supports many of RTFH’s programs and initiatives for our entire Temple family.

Governance Committees

Guided by our Code of Ethics, the Ethics Committee ensures that our Temple embodies the principles of integrity, justice, compassion, and kindness in all aspects of communal life.

Our Executive Committee is the driving force behind the strategic vision and leadership of our Temple. Our dedicated officers—President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer—are elected annually.

Empowering fiscal responsibility and stewardship, our Finance Committee diligently oversees financial matters, ensuring transparency, sustainability, and the continued financial support of our Temple’s mission.

The House Committee takes pride in maintaining our Temple building, administering its usage, and ensuring a safe and comfortable space for all to gather and worship.

The Member Contribution Assistance Committee serves as a compassionate resource, dedicated to supporting and assisting prospective and existing members in times of financial need.

With passion and warmth, our Membership Committee welcomes prospective and new members to our Temple family.

Identifying the future leadership of RTFH, the Nominating Committee selects committed individuals for our Board of Trustees who embody the values and vision of our diverse and vibrant community.

Responsible for pandemic-related policies, the Reopening Committee is dedicated to ensuring the health and well-being of our community.

The Security Committee,  in conjunction with our professional security staff, diligently works to develop and implement measures that ensure a secure and safe environment for our Temple community and visitors.