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Learn, grow, and connect with us!

Whether we’re rejoicing in the birth of a child, supporting one another during challenging times, or coming together to repair the world through acts of kindness, our Temple family is a source of strength, compassion, and enduring connection.

As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to actively contribute and make friends. We offer monthly events and plenty of other opportunities to socialize! Volunteering, joining committees, or participating in social action initiatives are ways to connect and make a difference – at Temple and in the world.

Education is a cornerstone of Temple life, and you’ll find a variety of learning opportunities for every age group. Whether it’s enrolling your children in religious school, participating in adult education classes, or joining discussion groups, RTFH encourages a lifelong journey of intellectual and spiritual growth.

Become part of our dynamic and evolving tradition – a community that embraces diversity and a space where your journey of self-discovery and connection with Judaism can flourish.

Whether you’re a lifelong member or a first-time visitor to The Reform Temple of Forest Hills, the sense of belonging is immediate. We welcome you!

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Membership Contributions & Assessments

(Effective for July 1, 2024- Jun 30, 2025 fiscal year)

RTFH believes that finances should never be a barrier to being part of our community. Various payment plan options are available.  If you believe you will be unable to meet your contribution obligations in full, please contact Allan Hoberman, our RTFH Director of Operations & Finance, at .

Services are open to members and non-members.  Religious School tuition and fees are separate from below schedule.

As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, contributions to RTFH are tax deductible.  Remember to check with your employer whether employee contribution matches are possible.

Family Category Annual Contribution Annual Security Fee Total Annual Contribution Multi-Year Building Assessment
Young Adult – Under 35
$437 $39 $476 N/A
Young Adult Household – Under 35
(2 adults, no dependents)
$1,097 $95 $1,192 N/A
Young Adult Individual Family – Under 35
(1 adult + dependents PreK & Kindergarten)
$297 $27 $324 N/A
Young Adult Household Family – Under 35
(2 adults + dependents PreK & Kindergarten)
$739 $66 $805 N/A
General Adult – 35 to 64
(Individual and 1 adult+ dependents)
$1,675 $225 $1,900 $150/year for first 4 years of membership = $600
General Adult Household – 35 to 64
(2 adults without dependents OR 2 adults + dependents)
$3,350 $450 $3,800 $300/year for first 4 years of membership = $1,200
Adult – 65+ (Individual) $1,507 $185 $1,692 $150/year for first 4 years of membership = $600
Adult Household – 65+ (2 adults) $2,956 $365 $3,321 $300/year for first 4 years of membership = $1,200
Non-Resident $364 $33 $397 N/A