The Reform Temple of Forest Hills

Jane Pinkett


My name is Jane Pinkett and I have been a member of the Board since 2017.  My family and I joined RTFH in 2005 and I have two daughters, both of whom attended Religious  School here at Temple. I grew up in Forest Hills but was never closely identified with any specific congregation and did not regularly attend services.  As my younger daughter got a little older, I felt a need to look inward and determined that I wanted to be a part of a wider community and RTFH has fostered that extremely well.  In addition to the Board of Trustees, I have been actively involved both in our Social Action and Women’s Connection committees and continue to learn and grow from all of our many members’ backgrounds and interests. There are many ways to participate at RTFH, and many of you know I love to make sure that the calendar stays busy and accurate!