The Reform Temple of Forest Hills


Experience the Joy of Sharing Shabbat: Sponsor an Oneg after Friday night Shabbat Services!

At RTFH, we embrace the warmth of community and the spirit of togetherness. Our weekly Oneg Shabbat is a time to gather, unwind, and celebrate the blessings of the Sabbath.

You can play an important role in this special tradition by sponsoring an Oneg! Your generosity helps us create a welcoming atmosphere and nurtures our community connections.

Honor a loved one, mark a special occasion, or simply give a heartfelt gesture. Your sponsorship will be deeply appreciated and all names will be read aloud during the Temple President’s announcements.

To sponsor an upcoming Oneg, please contact Jane Pinkett at  to learn more.

Thank you for your continued support in making our synagogue a place of joy, connection, and spiritual growth. 

Shabbat Shalom!

How It Works

To sponsor our standard Friday night oneg after services, we require a donation of  $54 for a non-life cycle event, or $175 for a life cycle event. Multiple people may sponsor an oneg for the same evening. All your names will be read aloud at services, during the Temple President’s announcements.

Non-life cycle events ($54) include: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduation, Honoring a friend or family member

Life cycle events ($175) include: Baby naming, B’nai Mitzvah, Conversion, Wedding Blessing 

All special requests must be made no later than 72 hours in advance. You can order each of the following items for an additional cost:

  • 10” cake $50.00
  • Fruit platter $50.00

After receiving your request via this form, a member of the Oneg Committee will contact you. For questions or other information, please contact: Jane Pinkett at or Kathy Francos at .