The Reform Temple of Forest Hills

Religious School Educational Philosophy

by Faye Gilman, Educational Leader

Religious School is a second home for our students, from pre-kindergarten through high school graduation. It is our fundamental duty to flavor our teaching with a uniquely Jewish perspective. We transform classrooms into dynamic laboratories of learning. Learning is fun and exciting in the right setting.

We strive to foster interpersonal relationships amongst classmates, teachers, and the community. These relationships help create connections that can last a lifetime.

We want our students to be able to use the teachings from Religious school in their adult life. For example, our high school students are able to volunteer in classrooms. This program allows them to experience teaching scenarios helping them to create their own ideals. The high school students will then have capabilities to apply for positions in local Reform Congregations where they attend college.

Another goal is for our students to be able to be active participants in the Reform Movement. Our students of today are the congregants of the future and we need to build the foundations within them now for the future to prosper.