Green works  LOGOGreening our backyard and yours!  

One of the most fundamental ideas in Judaism is caring about our environment.  God created the world and then gave us stewardship over it.  As Jews, we created a covenant (relationship) with God where we would all be responsible for protecting our people and our lands.  That includes producing less waste, conscious eating (which is why we often say blessings over food) and being respectful of all things in nature, even as consumers. 


The Reform Temple of Forest Hills is committed to improving our own environmental impact and contributing to building a sustainable future. We have formed a committee to help both the Temple and our congregants become more environmentally aware. This committee is Green Works!

Through Green Works we hope to broaden our community’s commitment to stewardship and protection of the Earth through outreach, activism and Jewish learning. In the coming months you will see our logo as we begin this mission. We hope it will serve as a reminder and a way to inspire our community to join us in this sacred work. Each month there will be tips, articles and updates on our progress. Please join us by sending in your great green ideas to!


JGF Logo 72We are proud to be participating in the Jewish Greening Fellowship which aims to mobilize meaningful responses to climate change that are motivated by Jewish values of stewardship. As a participant in this network of over 50 congregations, JCCs, schools, and social service organizations, we are taking steps to improve our environmental impact and engage our community in Jewish environmental programs and education.


All participants in the Jewish Greening Fellowship commit to taking action in 4 areas:

  • Engaging and educating the community
  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Reducing waste and pollution, and increasing health and safety, in operations
  • Making an ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship


The Jewish Greening Fellowship is a program of Hazon, funded by UJA-Federation of New York.


We welcome your suggestions and feedback. Have ideas or want to get involved? E-mail


The Torah teaches us to care for the earth. It has been amazing to learn how much good we can do just by how we manage our own facility. Greening has had a huge impact on our organization and our community.