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The Reform Temple of Forest Hills is a welcoming Jewishsanctuary
congregation dedicated to spirituality, learning, outreach, and service to the community.

It has been a tradition for two millennia in Judaism that the House of Worship (beit t'filah) is also a House of Assembly (beit k'neset) and a House of Learning (beit midrash). Here at The Reform Temple of Forest Hills, we cherish and keep this tradition. You are cordially invited to join with us in each and every aspect of our coming together as a Jewish community.


Pasta and Movie Night - January 25

Back by popular demand!

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Tu BiSh'vat Seder - January 31

Come join us for an environment focused Seder, where we will celebrate and learn more about the environment and our part in it!

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Our Temple's Generosity - A Message from the Social Action Committee

Social Action would like to inform our most generous and supportive community of how your donations and contribution were distributed:

Elmhurst Hospital Pediatric Clinic: The toys from the Chanukah Dinner were brought over to the Hospital. There were approximately 3-4 large boxes full. We received a thank you letter from the Social Service department of Elmhurst Hospital.

Godian Outreach: Some of the food left over from the Chanukah dinner was brought to Godian Outreach. In addition bags of clothing were brought over. Bags of food were also brought over.

Seventh Day Adventist Community Outreach: We brought over 10 food trays from the Chanukkah Dinner, over 100 brown bags which the children made consisting of sandwiches, drinks, chips and fruit, and several bags of gently worn clothing.

The Jamaica Food Pantry supported by the Church in the Gardens received over 5 large bags of food.

It was a busy week, but it was a privilege to assist our Temple to help those in need. Thanks for making the holidays a little sweeter for so many.
Here's hoping your holidays are happy, healthy, and prosperous! Thanks for looking out for others.

 - Social Action Committee

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